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Fast Release Carbohydrates

There is much talk about carbohydrates being the primary high-energy fuel source for all activities and the speed of digestion may vary depending on the type. Ideally we should aim to maintain a carbohydrate balance by eating several servings of simple (dextrose, maltose, sugars, jams, fruit, biscuits,cakes) and complex (oats, barley, starch, rice, bread, pasta, cereals, fibre and seeds) carbohydrates throughout the day.

While this is absolutely correct, there are instances when you may want to give yourself an energy and glycogen boost:

Before Exercise: If you have missed a meal or it is too late to consume slow digesting carbohydrates, then simple carbohydrates will convert into energy almost immediately and aid your training activities.

During Exercise: Drinking liquids and or water that contain simple carbohydrates will help you with training and sports events lasting longer than 2 hours, or when partaking in very intense exercise.

Post Workout:  As well as replenishing your body with water, B-complex, Vitamin C and Protein, Carbohydrate replenishment is important to maintain glycogen stores, prevent glycogen depletion which will increase recovery time and impede long-term performance.

The range of Protein Lifestyle's products below may form part of your carbohydrate intake and especially at the times suggested.

Fast Release Carbohydrates

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  1. Dextrose Powder

    Dextrose Powder

    • Fast energy release
    • Brilliant source of energy
    • High GI Carbohydrate
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    From £3.00

  2. Waxy Maize Starch

    Waxy Maize Starch

    • Swiftly absorbed by the body
    • Super transporter of nutrients to muscle
    • Complements whey protein and amino acids
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    From £7.99

  3. Maltodextrin


    • Ideal for weight gain (mix with protein for DIY gainer product)
    • High (GI) Carbohydrate
    • Improved energy levels
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    From £3.49

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